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Spider Murphy & the Pushovers

The Pushovers
Dave Schwortz: Drums
Mike Thompson: Bass Guitar
Ellwood Barrett: Harmonica
Chet Bennett: Percussion & Keyboards
Bud & Donna Ford: Background Vocals
Spider Murphy: Vocals, Keyboards & All Guitars

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MP3 Music Samples:

Album: Dealin’ With The Feelin’
1) Ain’t Gonna Stop Play Lo-Fi Play Hi-Fi
2) New Orleans Town Play Lo-Fi Play Hi-Fi
3) I’d Do Anything For You Play Lo-Fi Play Hi-Fi
4) Hungover & Blind in Victor
5) Dealin’ With The Feelin’ (Part 1)
6) Do No Time
7) I Knows A Little
8) The Way We Carry On
9) Booze Me (Under The Table)
10) Sugar Babe
11) Dealin’ With The Feelin’ (Reprise)
© Copyright 2003 Spider Murphy Music
First 3 songs listed above Play Lo-Fi Play Hi-Fi

Spider Murphy
(719) 689-7214

Spider Murphy at Alma Fest 2004  New Photos!



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