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Alma Fest: The Alma Foundation's Annual Festival In The Clouds in Alma, Colorado.
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Tips for Clearing Music for Television and Motion Pictures: Music licensing offers ancillary income in a music business that lately has seen decreases in sales of recorded product.
Extra! Extra! Read All About You!:  What the hell is a press kit? It's your demo, photo, and bio. Who needs a press kit? You do. Also known as a promo package, a press kit will open doors to a record deal, gigs, and press interviews.
Using Peer-to-Peer to Launch a Career: How The G-Man Got Played, Got Signed, Got a Publisher, Got on iTunes. . . all by Giving His Music Away For Free.
The Cover Song Quagmire: Three Ways to Obtain Mechanical Licenses for Legally Recording/Distributing Cover Versions on CDs.
The Lyricist Brings Simplicity To Songwriting: Interview with Virtual Studio System founder Eddie Imbriano
Has Gaz Reynolds Gone All Religious On Us?: Following on from his massive hits 'In This House' ( ) & 'Electric Kama Sutra' ( ), Gaz Reynolds returns with a great new CD single called 'On Holy Ground' taken from his forthcoming album 'Orgazmic'.
Glideascope - Audio Cinematography: When trance meets soundtrack, a Glideascope occurs, that child of a happy home which has the unique ability to run and play in the street while at the same time sitting comfortably and listening to Handel without the aid of a record player.


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