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Has Gaz Reynolds Gone All Religious On Us?

Following on from his massive hits 'In This House' ( Gaz Reynolds) & 'Electric Kama Sutra' ( Gaz Reynolds), Gaz Reynolds returns with a great new CD single called 'On Holy Ground' taken from his forthcoming album 'Orgazmic'.

So has Gaz gone all religious on us? Apparently not! The new Gaz single is all about his views of what is going on in the world today with wars & religion. Gaz is quick to point out that this is not a protest song; "Just an expression of my thoughts through music". Gaz sings "No more fighting, no more war. World unite & settle the score. No destruction, no more pain. The world should be free & not insane."

This track is certainly a different direction for the UK Pop Sensation based in London. Gaz's last 2 singles 'In This House' & the controversial single 'Electric Kama Sutra' (which is currently playing on GFA radio along side Eminem, Dido & LL Cool J in the States) took HOT AC & CHR radio formats around the world by storm.

Gaz says; "This is certainly a very exciting time for me & I'm overwhelmed with the response to my music & songs from Radio Stations, Dance Floors & my Fans around the world. I can't wait to see what the reaction to this record will be!

In a world of recycled, formulaic pop songs, there is a forgotten place deep in the woods of art, love & rock n' roll. This is where you will find Gaz Reynolds a pop sensation unlike any other who writes & performs all of his own material & even directs, edits & produces his own pop videos (many of which have been released on DVD compilations and broadcast on TV music networks around the globe).

Gaz has been featured in countless music & internet magazines & has appeared on a worldwide TV show broadcast in 64 countries to 135 million viewers. You can also find Gaz on just about every MP3 Download site on the planet!

If Depeche Mode, Sash, Pet Shop Boys, Dead Or Alive, Aqua, Stephen Duffy, Duran Duran, Kylie, Human League got together & jammed, the music might sound a little like Gaz. Singing & writing from a young age, Gaz, now thirty something years old, is a seasoned songwriter. Some would describe his gift as "Maturity with a youthful edge", but Gaz believes that art is art no matter what the age of the creator. Evidently, it is effective to start creating the art as early as possible.

Gaz has already received multiple awards for his official website Gaz World (BT IMA nominations 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 & an IMA award in 2004) as well as local and Internet-wide recognition for his music, including spotlights & Top 5 chart positions & major radio air play on comercial hit radio stations throughout the USA and world wide. Gaz has built a world wide fan base from hard work & determination shooting press releases to the music press on a regular basis & having features & regular interviews on CHR, HOT AC, College & Internet Radio around the world. DJ reactions & spins in the clubs around the world have played a vital part in Gaz's commercial success & high profile.

In December 2003 Gaz formed his own record label WORLD DOMINATION RECORDS to market his own unique style of Dance/Pop music. This tactic appears to have worked very well for Gaz as it got him on the front cover of Media One Magazine with Duran Duran. It gave Gaz the credibility & recognition he deserved & enabled him to be featured on the VH1, MTV, All Music Guide & LAUNCH websites.

In October 2004 Gaz scored his first Top 40 hit on the Euro NRG chart which is based on sales & DJ reaction reports from around the world.

Dance songs with a pop sensibility is what you'll hear while listening to Gaz. You might also be able describe his music as pop songs with a rock edge on occasions. Either way, Gaz's music is so widely palatable that it exceeds the boundaries of genres. A nice balance is given with his insightful lyrics, pop hooks & deep masculine & at times boyish vocals, so as not to alienate the different tastes of different listeners.

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